2016 CCSB/PSB Retreat


Walhout Lab Retreat Attendees: Yan, Nana, Amy, Safak, Auri, Marian, Gabby, and Alejandro

Emma and Marian celebrate Emma receiving the Chancellor’s Award for
Outstanding Research on June 2, 2016. Read more here.

Watson and Walhout

Outtake of Safak and Marian’s UMMS photo shoot, May 2016. See here.
UMMS photo shoot, May 2016


International C. elegans Meeting, June 2015

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Name that Worm!



Lab Curling Bonspiel, April 3, 2015



The lab at Emma’s Wedding, August 23, 2014. Best lab, and best looking lab.
Lab at Emma's Wedding, August 2014


“Emma,” Ashlyn, Lesley, and Juan, at the party for the Weintraub award, April 2014

"Emma," Ashlyn, Lesley, and Juan, 2014